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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Office

Those of you who have seen our home know that central command is the kitchen. It's where I have my "office" and where life generally gravitates towards. With so many new undertakings (more on that soon) I became desperately aware of the need to organize the area I spend the majority of my time. Here's a sort of before and after series to illustrate where my new sense of order originates from.

Pictured above is ALL the crap that was hiding in the cabinet under my work area in the kitchen, as well as all the extra papers, etc. on the counter. I wish I had taken an untouched "before" picture of my chaos, but you get the idea that is was bad. Really bad.
*Sound of angelic choir, "AAAAAAHHHHHHH!"* 'And, lo, there was an organized work space. And God said it was good.'

It's a thing of beauty. Though I do need a laptop stand with more stability, but you use what you've got -and this organizer was previous crammed full of old receipts and catalogs in the cabinet.Holy Toledo. Space! Lots of space! Hm... now, what can I cram in there? Maybe....NOTHING ELSE. We'll see. I will put my stationary collections/files in there, but other than that I think this is staying as is. For awhile.

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Anonymous said...

...and an inspriation to all :)


Love you Warrior Maiden ~ Mama


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