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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I Feel Pretty!

You won't believe what you're about to read; you'll be skeptical and possibly worried about my sanity. Take heart, I still have all my marbles and haven't sold my soul to anyone. Read on and learn what has changed my life. Seriously.

I woke up this morning a new woman. I felt so good I didn't even want to shower, afraid the glow would wash away. One shower later, I'm still feeling radiant. So, what's new? I discovered how to take care of my skin -how to maintain it with products that have balanced my PH levels, changing my very oily complexion into healthy skin; repairing with super charged cell helpers and microderming the dead cells away; protecting my fresh, new, baby skin with Texas' #1 rated sunblock.

Am I a walking advertisement? You bet I am. I daily see the difference in my skin because of the Maintenance, Repair and Prevention regimen from BeautiControl. And I LOVE IT!

Battling acne and blackheads since I was 10, I finally went on Accutane -the heavy duty, "we ain't messin' around no more" acne medication- this past year. It treated my adult cystic acne and, truly, my breakouts now are much less severe and only occasional. Being off Accutane since February, I was (gasp!) washing with hotel bar soap and a store brand, oil free moisturizer. My blackheads were still with me and, though my complexion was for the most part clear, my face remained as oily as a teenager's.

I attended my friend, Jen's, BeautiControl spa in mid-August. I liked the products, but felt it was unnecessary to invest in facial care since -hey- I'm a bar soap gal. Realizing, though, that I did need to step up my facial care program (30 is just a few months away...) I decided to get the very basic maintenance pack -and get 40% off by booking a spa with Jen. Sounded like a deal to me! I used the cleanser, scrub, alcohol free toner and moisturizer that night and again the next morning...and I couldn't believe my eyes.

Note: I am NOT a product hound -on anything (except Dove chocolate -the best cheap chocolate you can get, dollar for dollar.) I am particularly skeptical of things sold at home/hostess parties. They must be scamming you, right? And you always feel guilted into buying something even if you don't want or need it. I was taking all of the BeautiControl stuff with a grain of salt. And then I saw the results...

The very next day I noticed a major difference in the balance of my skin tone, as well as the lack of oil that typically left me glistening by mid-day. What does this stuff have IN IT?! Whatever it was, it was working magic and I loved the results! I used the maintenance pack for over a month; the results stayed the same: less oil, more balance, healthier skin than I had seen since I was -say- seven.

I finally decided to sign up and be a consultant -I was already basically selling the product to others, I might as well have some on hand to share. Plus I couldn't wait to get the repair and prevention products, as well as all the other Spa Goodness BeautiControl offers. I cannot begin to go into detail on how much I love the various foot treatments, instant manicures, the intense hand lotion that lasts through 3 washes, etc. My raving goes on and on. Brian is about to grow mammary glands listening to all my gushing on how wonderful my skin feels and how much fun I am having.

Our master bathroom is literally Spa Heaven. Friends and family can attest to that. You should come over! It's too much fun -detoxifying mud masques, herbal foot creme, acid peels, microderm abrasion, instant face lift creme and serum that are basically botox in a bottle. The prices are ridiculously reasonable and the products are out of this world.

Every woman needs to take care of their skin AND take time for themselves. BeautiControl has it all and because of their pharmaceutical-grade products (that rival Lancome and Clinique) at Mary Kay and Avon prices, I am experiencing a whole new side of me -a more confident, healthier and younger looking me. You have GOT to try these products. Let's do a Spa!!

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Anonymous said...

I was lucky to get one of Kelly's spa treatments and it was fabulous! The products really are great!


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