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Thursday, September 17, 2009

No Nap Nick

So Wilder has been napless the last two days, and not from lack of me trying. Did any of your kids stop napping at 23 months? So far I haven't been able to get him to even have quiet/playtime in his crib, but he has been rather good about playing by himself so I can still get some things done even with him awake -constantly awake.

In my google researching I read that toddlers who get 12 hours of sleep a night may not need naps. Wilder is getting that much sleep, so perhaps that's the answer. I'm trying not to hyperventilate knowing that in 4 months I'll have a baby and NEED naptime and it's already out the window. But women have had it much worse and I won't be the first in this situation. Something will work out, I'm sure of it.

The little dude has started exhibiting signs of cuddliness, something that was a total rarity before, and has also been severely clingy. The latter is not a good thing, especially with baby coming soon (what a shock Wilder will get to not be the center of the universe) and also since my back isn't doing so hot right now. I talked with my sister last night about Wilder's current 'tude and she said that kids go through stages of extremes. Right now everything is an extreme for Wilder, and, in return, for me. I'm trying to exercise EXTREME patience. Lord knows I need it. But I'm embracing those cuddly times and enjoying the next few months that it's just Brian and I with our short man.

Sigh. Oh, what an adventure. I'm happy, I'm content, I'm enjoying life. And, man, is this life hilarious.

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Roccy said...

Jonathan went through about a week of "no naps" around that age and then went back to napping. No idea why. Wilder may indeed be done with the naps, but there's a chance he's not! Hold on to that hope!!

However, at age three - now, he's done with naps. I don't like it. I usually curl up on the couch, stick in a movie or a favorite tv show of his and then I just "doze." Doesn't help when Jonathan yells "BOO!" at me every 5 minutes . . .but just those moments of letting go really refresh me - even if I never hit a state of unconsciousness.

Too bad we aren't living closer - we could take turns babysitting while the other is napping!


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