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Friday, March 4, 2011

DIY Baby Room Decor: Vintage Sheet Curtains & Name Art

wavey room decor sm-5
I was recently inspired to do finally do something about Waverley's bedroom.  She's been in Wilder's old room, 3 walls painted  a sky/cornflower blue and brightly colored cowboy curtains with only 2 framed photos hanging randomly.  It was sad, it was silly, it was rather pathetic.  So....inspiration hit and I put my creative skills to some much needed use and Waverley now has an officially decorated room!

To create this simple Name Art wall decor:
1) Cut out letters from fun colored scrapbook paper.  I bought a big sample set that were all within the same color tones, so it was easy to pick sheets that didn't look odd together.

2) Print out a few of your favorite photos and use bits of leftover scrapbook paper to create a fun collage for each photo.  Staple or glue together.

3) Cut a long piece of twine or ribbon to hang the letters and photos on.

4) Use wooden clothes pins to clip letters and photos to the twine.

Tada!  Now you've got an art project that fills up a wall, is super cute AND super cheap!  Also a fun idea to make as a gift for birthdays (any age) and baby showers!

wavey room decor sm-1
Vintage Bedsheet Curtains.

Every now and again I scour the linen bins at my favorite thrift store in search of some neat old sheets.  They often remind me of vacations at my grandparents home; very comforting, and these finds make perfect (and inexpensive) gifts from blankets to clothing.  Clothing I haven't quite gotten to yet, but curtains, blankets and bassinet pads, yes.  I can sew straight lines.  Okay, relatively straight lines...

How to:
This is embarrassingly simple.  Hooray for that!

1) Taking a full or queen sized flat sheet, fold it hot dog style (vertically, right?)  Measure the length needed to cover the window and give your self 4-6 inches extra to create the top hem.  You'll put the curtain rod through that part, so make sure you have enough material to hem up there.

2) Once you've cut your desired length, cut down the center to create two curtains (unless, of course you want one, great, big sold curtain.  If so, then ignore this part.)

3) Using your choice of ribbon and where you want to create your stripe, cut and pin the ribbon on each section of the curtains and sew 'em on.

4)  Pin and hem the vertical sides of the curtains.

5)  Pin and hem the top portion the curtain rod will go through.  No need to hem the bottom since the sheet is already hemmed when purchased.  Hooray for that, eh?!

6) Cutting 11" strips of ribbon, create bows and hand sew them on.  This will take you all of 15 minutes to create the bows and attach them.  Uber cute, uber fast.

Tada!  Look at you!  All snazzy, creative and thrifty!  Joyous curtains in an instant.

wavey room decor sm-9

wavey room decor sm-8

wavey room decor sm-11
I made a baby blanket and bassinet pad from this sheet and it's matching pillowcase before Waverley was born and they've become her favorite.  When I was measuring the material for the curtains she kept squealing and trying to hug the sheet.  I think she's quite pleased to be surrounded by her favorite material.  And I'm glad that it only cost $2.00!

wavey room decor sm-6
Happy girl!

wavey room decor sm-12
I hijacked several pictures and art selections from around the house to supplement the two photos hanging in her room.

wavey room decor sm-13
Four generations represented in the decor.  Keepin' it all in the family :)

wavey room decor sm-2
A beautiful little framed print I picked up in Kentucky nearly 10 years ago and the gorgeous needlepoint my Aunt Judy did for me when I was born.

wavey room decor sm-14
This hung in my mother's room when she was growing up, in my room when I was growing up and now in Waverley's room.  Super precious being able to pass on favorite and comforting items that create special memories.

So, send me photos of YOUR neat projects and I'll feature my favorites on the blog!  Always fun to share and inspire each other!

Go create!


I AM JOE PESCI said...


Lyssa said...

This is amazing. I love what you did with those vintage sheets!
I featured you on my blog and would love for you to check it out!


Jen Hoover said...

Nice work!! What a lucky little one!

ginamurrow said...

I love how these ideas are simple yet pull the whole room together. I'm especially enamored with the papers letters that spell her name. You can even make other words to hang there during special holidays. And the idea of buying a pack of coordinated papers is terrific; I never thought of that!

roseylittlethings said...


I would love to feature your curtain tute on the vintage sheet blog http://vintagesheets.blogspot.com. let me know if that is ok. Thanks

Kelly Cameron said...

Rosylittlethings, yes! Please feel free to share/link this!
Thanks a bundle for asking and I'm delighted to be on The Vintage Sheets blog!


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