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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Fine Day for a Haircut {Jen Hoover at Pearl Salon, Austin, TX}

Before the haircut
I am desperate -DESPERATE- for a haircut.  Can you tell?  Shaggy gal in need of skilled scissors and fresh color.  Well, today I get to visit my sweet friend and stellar stylist, Jen Hoover, owner of Pearl Salon in Austin, TX.

I was hoping to go super short today, but am still waiting on final casting for a film that shoots in April so I can't go chop chop just yet.  Soon, though.  Mark my words.
We may have a little fun with the color (easily changed) so we'll see what Jen feels like today.  I'm thinking dirty blonde?  Heavy highlights? Or perhaps a safe, conventional chocolate colored gloss.  Mmmm, anything with the word chocolate in it always sounds like a good idea.

before today's haircut
So here we go.  Three hours until I'm nestled in Pearl Salon catching up with one of the most vivacious and creative make up artists and hair stylists in Texas.  Jen's always taking hip, trendy classes to stay up on the latest in hair styles and cutting techniques.  New York, Dallas, she always seems to be just getting back from a course or convention.  Or film set.  Not yet in having hit 30 and she's working on opening a new expanded salon in Austin.
I love this girl.

"After" photos coming later today!

TADA!!  So, Jen went a little bit lighter with chunky highlights, then a lovely color gloss and kept the general shape while getting rid of the weight and adding some fun layers.


When casting and/or the film is done, watch out!  This mane will be insane.
Okay, not that extreme, but it will be a definite change!

before and after

Thank you, Jen, for your amazing skills put to fine use on my hair!  You're awesome!


I AM JOE PESCI said...

I sure hope you know how gorgeous you are . . . even with shaggy hair! (a side note - your shaggy hair would be a dream come true in my world)

Kelly Cameron said...

Roccy, your curly hair would be a dream come true in MY world! In the next few months I will probably become pixified like you. Yay for short hair!
Hugs to you, my AZ sista!

I AM JOE PESCI said...

Love the new do!


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