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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recent Shootings

110320 03 Chasity
I haven't done this in awhile -and I try not to cross post between the family blog and my photoblog- but I was too excited not to share some of my favorite recent shots from work.
Work?  Heck, the fun thing I get to do and get paid for.  Work, shmerk.  *Happy sigh* It's a fun life!

110320 16 Chasity
Bridal portraits at the McNay Museum in San Antonio.

110320 02 Chasity

110320 21 Chasity

110320 22 Chasity

110320 24 Chasity

110320 25 Chasity

110320 26 Chasity

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A beautifully captured beautiful bride. So nice. I'm very glad you enjoy your work - you certainly are good at it :)
Love you, Mama


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