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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Scent of a Woman: Choosing Your Fragrance, The Smart Way

Spring Fragrances
This nose was made for sniffing, and that's just what it'll do.  One of these days this nose is gonna... well, it won't sniff all over you.  I save that for my kids.

Recently I broke the top off my "signature" bottle of scent, so it was time to hit up the store to sniff out the competition.  I could purchase a fresh bottle of the fragrance I had, but I believe that just as we evolve over time, our scent should.  Time for something new and fresh!

After wearing my olfactory out and narrowing my selection down to two top choices (believe me, no easy feat.  I was at Sephora for a good hour.  Make that an hour and a half.  Just sniffing) I felt overwhelmed at selecting just one.  The budget wasn't large enough for two bottles, so a decision had to be made.  Aha! -or so I thought, until I happened upon a small station brimming with purse-sized roller-ball fragrances!  They just so happened to have two fragrances in each stick, priced at about $20 each.  Four scents for the price of one!

True, these are much smaller volumes than one large bottle, but your paying for choices.  Now I have several months to decide which fragrance I want to invest in, plus I have so much variety -which, as any girl knows, truly is the spice of life.

Spring Fragrances

Tips on Selecting Your Fragrance:

  • Smell Your Age.  White Shoulders might make you feel warm and cozy, reminding you of Grandma, but please don't smell like an old woman when you're not.  Also, don't grab the cheap body sprays that are meant for adolescents when you wore the original 80's clothing you see trending now.  Age appropriate scent is the way to go.
  • You'll Know "The One" When You Smell It.  Know thyself.  Embrace the scent that resounds with your being.  Now, this may be way over the top for some less whimsical romantics, but, like music, scent feeds my soul.  Food may win men's hearts, but scents win mine.  Take your time, sniff around, don't pressure yourself to leave with a bottle.  Spray as many paper strips as you want, walk around, go shop elsewhere, and return (be it that day or next week) to make your final decision.
  • Where It Awhile.  Walk around wearing the fragrance.  And don't spray on your skin until you've narrowed it down to just two or three choices.  Choose neck/upper shirt and each arm for different scents, then let it settle on your skin and see how you feel about each scent after it's had time to mature and mix with your natural oils.
  • Variety.  If, like myself, you can't decide on one -or you just like to have several to choose from- grab some samples or travel size bottles.  The last thing you want is a counter full of partially used bottles that sit there for years collecting dust and turning rancid.
  • Buy Online.  Found your new favorite?  Well, check out ebay and google shopping options because you can almost always get a better deal buying online.

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