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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Thrift Store Style: Recycled T-Shirts

11032701recycled ts
Yesterday I had the joy of joys of happening upon a multi-family garage sale.  They handed me a large paper bag and said I could shove as many items of clothing into it for only $5.  Well, heck!  I couldn't pass that up.

As I browsed the tables piled with clothes, I found a few t-shirts that were, well, not quite my size.  But I knew just want to do with them:  revamp, reuse, recycle!  Here are some photos of how I made over two shirts.  Totally easy, super fast, and quite fun.

Items needed:
T-shirts (helps if they are slightly bigger than you'd normally wear)
Sewing machine (optional, but I like to have it on hand.)
Classic Rock (okay, optional.  But fun!)

11032702recycled ts

Basic Instructions:
1) Try the shirt on and see if you want to take it in on the sides, make cap sleeves, a tank top, etc.

2) Pinch the sides if you are going to take it in and estimate how much you'll need to go in.  NOTE: Don't over do it unless you want a shirt that will fit like spandex.  Not usually a good look...

3) Take that puppy off and start cutting (or sewing.)  Easy does it while you're still getting used to the project.  Cut a bit, try it on, sew a bit, try it on.  You get it.

11032711recycled ts
This tee was very boxy.  Though you can opt to have the new seam showing by sewing it right-side-out, I turned this one inside-out to sew a more fitted inseam.

11032712recycled ts
If the shirt fits at the underarms well, use the ready-made seam as a guide and don't sew deeper.  This one fit great in the underarms, but was like a cardboard box in the bodice.  Shazzam!  Oooh, I got a new shirt on...

11032703recycled ts
It's Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!

11032704recycled ts
This Batgirl shirt had a bleach stain on one shoulder (between sleeve seam and neck) and needed the sleeves revamped.

11032705recycled ts
I cut an asymmetric boat neck to get rid of the regular collar and cut out the bleach stain.  Chopped the sleeves to make caps, and check out what I did with the sliced off pieces...

11032706recycled ts
I took a strip from the area I cut out of the neck, punctured two holes in the bottom left of the shirt, inserted the fabric strip and made a bow.  The material is slightly gathered, creating a bit of a loosely fitted bodice, and I have a girlified retro tee!

11032707recycled ts

11032708recycled ts
Wristlet made from doubling one of the cut sleeves.  Wick away that dew on a perspiring forehead with chilled style.  Yeah, man.

11032710recycled ts
That's how I roll.
It ended up being about 12 items for only $5, including a new pair of shoes, several scarves and some brand name dress shirts and sweaters.  These two t-shirts?  Estimating these revamped, thrifted styles put me out about $0.40 each.

Shop. Cut. Sew. Wear.


Want some more craft ideas?  Check out these awesome tutorials for homemade headbands and no-sew jersey knit scarves!

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