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Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY Fashion: Thrift Store Style, Vintage Chic Advice

110311 001thriftdressing
You can do it.  With a keen eye and an idea of key pieces, you can build an economical wardrobe with oodles of fashion sense.  Since retro is so "now now," there is no better place to shop than thrift stores to grab the true originals.

I was inspired by Victoria and Andrea, two sisters who are loaded with fashion sense and thrift style, bargain hunters to the core.  Since then I've taken a wee bit of time to hit up my local Goodwill stores and have found a few gems.

Ralph Lauren Blazer (late 1980s) $6 from The Caring Place
Vintage Blouse $2 from The Caring Place
Demin Skirt $12 from TJ Maxx (Ventura Blvd.)
Snake Skin print pumps $24 from TJ Maxx (Ventura Blvd.)
Belt $11 from TJ Maxx (Georgetown, TX)
Vintage Gold Necklace (double strand) $8 Apple Annie's Antiques, Cashmere, WA
Colorful Fair Trade Bead Strand (gift)

Total cost of outfit: $55

110311 003thriftdressing
And...without the jacket.  Voila!

110311 004thriftdressing
NOW I'm FULLY Accessorized.  These two additions are priceless.

Okay, now it's your turn!  Don't be afraid of the racks and bins -use your shrewd money and style sense to create fun, new looks that won't break the bank.  You can do it!

Suggestions for thrifting and garage sale hunting

-Watch out for wear.  Avoid tired looking clothes with stains, holes or pilling that cannot be fixed.

-Create outfits with each new purchase.  If you buy random items, the chances of you actually wearing them are slim if you don't already have the other pieces to make outfits out of.  Be sure you can have at least one outfit from your new purchases before you call it a day.

-It had better fit.  If it ALMOST fits, that's not good enough.  Honestly, you're not going to wear it -or if you do, it will be ill-fitting and unflattering.  If it's a great quality piece, commit to taking it to get altered that week.  My $6 dollar blazer was originally over $100, so getting it fitted for $30-40 is nothing.

-Pace yourself.  Make sure you hydrate, have some nutritious snacks and enough time to browse without stressing because hunting at thrift stores is challenging, though incredibly rewarding.

-Don't buy the store.  Deliberate over items, carry the around with you as you continue to shop and try them on multiple times.  Go with a girlfriend who's opinion you trust and you can help each other select the best options!

Happy hunting and enjoy creating new spring styles!

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