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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thrift Store Home Make Over: DIY Decor

110316 01 redecor
Hidyho!  While I may not be "completely" finished, the redecorating is well on its way to completion and I am loving my vivid (and thrifty) decor.  Spring is the perfect time to freshen up the house and bring in some bold colors and bright ideas.
Here, filling out the area where I hung a grouping of retro book illustrations with family photos and a fabulous Mt. Rushmore souvenir plate.
Estimated Out-of-Pocket: $4.00

110316 03 redecor
Placemats (set of 4) from the thrift store brought in lots of bright colors.  Placed the new "Sparkling Lemon" Yankee candle, freshly arrived yesterday from my wonderful mother, in my grandmother's depressionware pitcher using a silver platter I picked up years ago for a few bucks at another thrift store.  Nice centerpiece that doesn't tempt my 3 year old to constantly want to light, then blow out, the candle.
Estimated Out-of-Pocket: $2

110316 04 redecor
Hotdog!  One of my absolute favorites of this redecoration!  Daniel Boone illustrations from a storybook and a fabulous vintage record clock I made.
Estimated Out-of-Pocket: $12.50

110316 05 redecor
This was a two page spread of Boone's family running to greet him after a long time away.  I just ADORED (and also sympathized with) how happy and jubilant the return was -all those kiddies leaping into his arms, and that exuberant wife!

110316 06 redecor
A happy pappy.

110316 07 redecor
Oh clock, I like you so much.

110316 08 redecor
Lily Belle, you sound capitol.  Simply capitol.

110316 09 redecor

110316 10 redecor
Thought a non-crooked shot might be called for.

110316 11 redecor
Homemade curtains.  Fabric from Walmart.
Out-of-Pocket: $4.67

110316 12 redecor
More curtains!  Herbs and fabric from Walmart.
Estimated Out-of-Pocket: $12

110316 13 redecor
My Grandma Lee's graduation from high school and nursing school photos.  Wooden clothes pin and ribbon hanger.  Above, the vintage postcard collage I made several years ago.

110316 14 redecor
Yay!  I did it!  The boy's adventure-mystery book illustrations grouped and matted!
Estimated Out-of-Pocket:  $20

110316 15 redecor

110316 16 redecor

110316 18 redecor
The mantle is complete, now we just have to have a picture to put above it.  Waiting for just the right one.  Spray painted all the candle holders and pulled a bunch of other items from the china cabinet and books from around the house.  Surprisingly, the candles where the most spendy items at $5 a pop.  (Estimate price includes spray paint.)
Estimated OoP: $50

110316 19 redecor
Yes, it's an odd collection of literature.  But I had to go for color. :)

110316 21 redecor
I promise to unwrap the candles.  I'm not a crazy old aunt who has her couch wrapped in plastic, too.  And we don't have cats.
My favorite purchase was this wooden box with the bird on it.  One buck.
Now that's what I'M talking about...

110316 23 redecor
Next project:  new throw pillows (because "throw" is exactly what Wilder does with them all) and photo for that gaping hole.

110316 24 redecor
The gallery is underway.  Waiting on a few more pictures from the framers, then featuring the new, improved room here!

110316 26 redecor

*Sigh*  I love my new, cheery house!


Anonymous said...

Me too!
It is all very fresh and MORE than...Fun!!
Love you, Darling.

I AM JOE PESCI said...

Absolutely wonderful. I LOVE it. Come do my house next. Puh-lease!


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