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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snuggly Sunday Donuts

110313 20donuts
Last night Wilder and I read a favorite book, On Market Street by husband/wife team Arnold and Anita Lobel.  I discovered this book while working in my elementary school library, shelving L to Z in the children's storybook section.  When I was pregnant with Wilder I scoured the internet and bought a used version on Amazon.  Love it.

As it lists the various letters of the alphabet, "D" is for "donut."  Right then we decided that when the sun woke up, we'd visit the donut shop.  And here are our delicious doughy delights!

110313 14donuts
Confession:  the baby bug has been biting me.  Babies, babies, BABIES!  When I told Brian that I wanted to revisit the idea of having number 3 in a few months he, well, let's just say he ran away in search of a chastity belt.  *Sigh*  We'll see.
For now, here's my gooey little poppet.

110313 15donuts

110313 16donuts
"Ich bin ein Berliner!"
Big hit, a very bit hit.  After devouring, oh, 5 of these beauties he literally ran in circles.  You'd think he'd be a grand, chemical-free substitute for birth control, but I still want another.  Someday.  Soon...I think.  (Oh, Briiiiiaaaaan, where aaaaaare youuuuuu?)

110313 18donuts
With all this redecorating I've been doing, I got a wild hare to paint.  One trip to Walmart later and now I have the perfect accent piece for my developing gallery!  Love the color -a mix between robin's egg and teal.  By Friday I should have all the framed photos back from Hobby Lobby and the gallery should be well on it's way to completion!  Photos to follow -yay!

Oh, and for those of you curious, it took about 2 cans of Krylon indoor/outdoor Bahama Sea in gloss to paint this small coffee table.  Love it.

110313 19donuts
Oh, glorious Sunday morning!
The overcast Spring day, blossoms on our pear trees out front, birds in a symphonic chorus (sounds good, even if it doesn't make sense,) and children happily playing.  Naps when they crash from their sugar high.
(A la Mary Katherine Gallagher) Yesssssss!

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Anonymous said...

Oh those sweet sugar lips. Grandmama loves you!


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