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Friday, March 11, 2011

DIY Wall Art: Retro Illustrations From Thrift Store Books

110311 01retro book art
My friend, Aubrey, had never been to The Caring Place.  Today when she came over for a visit, I insisted we stop by one of the best thrift stores in Georgetown.  Okay, THE best thrift store in Georgetown.  Hands down.

Ever since redecorating Waverley's room and transforming it from cowboys to vintage/retro chic with those fun curtains and cut out letters, I've been on a mission to tackle the remaining blank walls -of which there are MANY.  Okay, ALL of the walls.

We went to Hobby Lobby yesterday (digressing) and I brought 12 of my large prints used for photo display at bridal shows to have mounted and framed, taking advantage of their 50% off deal.  Woohoo!  In a matter of days I shall have some of my ultimate favorite prints on my walls, creating a gallery downstairs so clients can view and I can enjoy.

Though these prints will fill up a lot of the remaining wall space, there are still plenty of other areas that need filling in, which brings us right back to The Caring Place a few hours ago...

I purchased several books and magazines with the intention of (not burning) pillaging them for pictures to frame.  To my delight we had all sorts of medium/small frames and mattes that I pulled from a storage closet and set to work selecting my favorite illustrations to fit my found frames.

110311 02retro book art
This beauty cost a buck.  The normal pages are great as a "backdrop" for featuring smaller illustrations as layers on top and the pictures, though either blue or red, are fun and full of adventure.

110311 03retro book art
I thought these two paired nicely.

110311 04retro book art
Waiting to acquire more frames and mattes before I hang these puppies.  Will probably do the dinner scene and boy skiing and hang all four together in a square/rectangle.

110311 05retro book art
Ahhhh, reminds me of Alaska.  Home, sweet home.

110311 06retro book art
I felt rather sacrilegious tearing up a perfectly good Dr. Seuss, but Wilder is really into his ABC's and you have to admit, having Dr. Seuss on your wall is pretty darn cool.

 110311 07retro book art
And now, let us take a moment to (nearly) completely go off topic.  I bought these two crafty magazines for $0.50 each because some of the pictures were just TOO much.  Thought I was going to frame some, but once I held up mattes to them I realized they were even too corny for my house.  I have to share some of my favorites -with commentary.

110311 08retro book art
"Honey, this sweater you made me is, well, I'm speechless.  All I can do is attempt to set fire to both of ours with this cigarette."

110311 09retro book art
This photo is noted as being taken aboard a Holland America cruise ship.  That the spread was titled "All Aboard" and boasted where it was shot was enough for me.

110311 11retro book art
"Come on, Helga, there's a cute diplomat over there getting a hotdog.  Let's not stay with the general."
"But Henrietta, I enjoy his immensely boring stories about wars he never fought in.  It's the only thing that has cured my insomnia."
"Fine.  But I have to tell you, that dress makes you look fat."
"Old crow.  You look like you're wearing icing."

110311 12retro book art
Oh, we've come a long way...

110311 13retro book art
Probably my favorite, for SOooooo many terrible reasons.

110311 14retro book art
"Phew!  Knitting this top really took it out of me.  I think I better sit and rest awhile.  Chin a little to the left?  What?  Wait, my left or your left.  I... well, why don't you just move around me.  I'll hold still."

110311 15retro book art
Svetlana, the day walking vampire, off to seek out her next victim.

110311 16retro book art
And now for the crochet magazine.  The whole reason I dropped a whopping fifty cents -this spread.

110311 17retro book art
Too much, too much!
I'm getting Brian this get up.

110311 18retro book art
And this may be the only picture out of these two silly magazines that I frame.  I feel soooo  relaaaaxed just looking at it.  I hope she didn't fall asleep and drop her cup...

Okay, where were we...  Yes!  Wall art!

110311 19retro book art
Resuming business.  This was a science textbook for grade schoolers in up-state New York.  It was full of brilliant illustrations related to nature, science and surprisingly - some physics.

110311 20retro book art
Reminding me of Wilder, watching the train in the valley below, I selected this from a full page spread.

110311 21retro book art
A half page lake scene.  It had good balance of activity, color and aesthetics.

110311 22retro book art
This book was...OH LOOK, A SQUIRREL!

Uh. Sorry -totally forgot what I was saying.

110311 23retro book art
The sun went down, the pictures went up.  Here's a close up of a 4x6 collage I made from 2 books and lovely stamps from someone's letter.   (Confession:  In college I would go through the top several layers of garbage at the mail station to grab all the stamps I could find off discarded envelopes.  I got some really neat ones from foreign countries.  And I no longer dumpster dive.)

110311 24retro book art
Gracing a wall in the kitchen.

110311 25retro book art
Kumbaya, anyone?

110311 26retro book art
Oh, looking at these makes me so happy!

110311 27retro book art
I know you were wondering when Dr. Seuss was coming into play.  He's hanging out in the kids' bathroom and lookin' goooood.  I kept the shot of the sunflowers from my mother's garden in Washington to make a happy trio.

110311 28retro book art
Appropriate because A) our kids have "W" names, B) it IS a bathroom, after all.

110311 29retro book art
Just a little too cute.

So, for pennies on the dollar, you can create your own unique, book-centric decor.  Grab some frames from the thrift store or garage sales or recycle some you own to give a fresh look to any room!

Other good framable ideas and thrift store wall decor

-Hang plates!  Thrift stores are always stocked with mismatched china, souvenir plates and ceramics that make great art when grouped together or added as an accent to angular decor.

-Frame sheet music!  Enough said.

-Postcards and vintage photographs!  These are typically best found at estate sales or antique stores ($1-$10.)  My favorite I have framed in a collage format was $3 and it's always a joy looking at.

-Comics!  This is how my friend, Cherie, decorated her little boy's room and it turned out uber cool.

-Cookbooks!  Great illustrations and photos from vintage cookbooks are great to decorate your kitchen.  Also a useful and cute idea to frame a few favorite recipes -you won't have to dig through your collection, just look at your wall.  No more forgotten ingredients!


Anonymous said...

You never cease to amaze me.
Nice job - Jo! love you, mama

The Maxell's said...

OMG... now I know what Bill and I have been missing! Knit sweaters! All happy couples should have them!!

Great job on the wall art! I'm inspired! Fabulous idea!!


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