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Sunday, December 27, 2009

3rd Annual Cameron BakeFest

Wilder and I went to Houston last weekend for our 3rd annual Cameron BakeFest. Grandma Anne has recipes for sugar cookies, fudge and divinity that she's been making for decades and it's a delicious tradition we've loved being a part of since we moved to Texas. I also got to do a few portraits with my Aunt Carol and her family, as well as Grandma and Grandpa. I love living near my family!

Our Saturday morning began at the breakfast table. It is such a comfort getting to be around my dad's parents -seeing Grandpa reading the paper, Grandma zipping around the kitchen preparing breakfast. I see glimpses of my father in his parents and siblings all the time and it warms my soul.
Grandpa and Wilder working hard on construction.
Grandma and Grandpa were up late making fudge Friday night for me to take home while I tried to get Wilder to go to bed. I finally had to pack him in the car; we drove around listening to Christmas music and viewing the neighborhood light displays. He just really wanted to get in the car for some reason -so much so that he even lugged my huge purse to my feet and dragged me to the front door. Well, whatever works! Though it was not in my plans to take an evening drive, it turned out to be such a fun memory and I'm glad we did it. And it was so sweet of my grandparents to whip up that fudge.
Grandma and I made a batch of divinity while Wilder watched Mary Poppins and jumped on their bed. Thankfully Grandpa didn't mind in the least being the babysitter while we girls tore it up in the kitchen.
Uncle Russ the baby charmer. How he got Wilder to plop in his lap for playtime and later for movie watching is beyond me; congratulations! Wilder has certainly been gravitating more towards men lately and relishes his guy time. I'm not sure if he senses a change in the air (well, I bet he does) but isn't it amazing how just as I am about to have my hands full with a new little one, Wilder craves Daddy and guy time? Last night I battled feeling rebuffed as Wilder was decidedly sweet and chummy with Brian and only screamed and threw things at me. He's definitely Daddy's little dude now and I am so thankful for their bond.
When Aunt Carol and her crew arrived we whipped up another batch of divinity. Man, I LOVE this time as a family! Plus the goodies we get ladened with are delicious! Divinity is my favorite Christmas candy, especially the way the Camerons make it.
Bailey, Rem and Carol sifting threw magazines trying to locate an article about a family friend. This was a rather comical episode in our visit -but we were rewarded by finally finding the blurb and photo!

We were getting ready to load up the car, but Wilder was desperate for a nap. He had begged to have his monkey backpack strapped on so he could go on a walk outside and refused to let me take it off, so here he is plumb asleep embraced by a monkey and snuggling Ba. It was too cute for words.

I am so glad we got to have our special Christmas time as a family (even though I was certain I was going to have this baby in Houston -steady contractions from noon to midnight on Friday.) Thankfully Waverley is still safely baking and we are still enjoying the delights of the season we got to cook up with Grandma Anne. We love you all! Thank you for such a wonderful visit!

What to see the full set of photos? Check this out!

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