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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A Little Fun with Mama & Son

Wilder and I had a little photo shoot today. Here he is in the midst of closing the door on me -multiple times. Apparently Mommy wasn't allowed back in the house...
Ah-ha! I managed to snap a few more during a brief moment the door was open again. Gottcha, little dude!

Playing with high contrast (my fav) and wondering how this set up would work for when I get serious about taking new headshots. Brian agreed to be the button presser so I can set up the tripod and -in more even light- take my own headshots. Very fun AND a family affair!

Nice light, but I have to work on the background...
And just being a little goofy, while fiddling with texturing effects in Photoshop. Oh, it's good to explore, to try new things, to have a bit of fun.

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