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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Where the Wild Thing Is

I just read my sister's recent blog post and she pronounced a call to write about all sides of life -not just the cheery side. That's an honest way to live and share. I grow by reading and hearing about her challenges and lessons learned, so I agree that we blogging moms should present an honest reflection of life -though seasoned with hope and humor!

Right now Wilder is in time out. He has recently developed what I call "Movie Mania" and constantly drags the case logics which hold movies to Brian and I, begging (read whining, screaming, yelling) to watch something (or something different.) Yesterday he ate nothing but pretzel sticks, Christmas cookies, cups of milk (several with Instant Breakfast in them) and maybe a handful of macaroni with peas. Why? He refuses to sit in his high chair, or when you finally wrestle him in there he thrashes and screams so much he won't eat and it's positively pointless. He's currently in time out because he was constantly screaming...about everything (particularly about watching a movie, even while one was on upstairs.) Everything is so over the top, it's ridiculous.

Wanting to let Brian have some peace while he had his weekly dose of the news this morning, I played with Wilder upstairs building blocks, reading books, jumping off of elevated surfaces -you know, the usual. We had fun, except for when I put a block in the wrong place and he would scream and writhe on the floor. Or if I got up to get something, despite explaining I'd be right back. Um...what am I doing wrong? Spanking doesn't work, talking with him doesn't work (because he can't listen when he's screaming,) positive attention doesn't work. He's just a nut. Often a sweet nut, don't get me wrong, but an overly emotional and tremendously strong-willed nut and I am so tired of the tyranny.

It's not nap time, but I am very tempted to just let him bounce around in his crib, talking with his stuffed animals and -yep- banging on the walls until he eventually falls asleep. I am tired of getting clawed in the face, slapped, clubbed with his head and kicked, so time out it is until I regain my peace.

Parents, I know you can relate with me. You've had your moments -or years- and I know we're not facing anything abnormal. He's just a little guy who wants to do what he wants, when he wants and how he wants -no exceptions. We've been trying to help him be independent by finding "helping" things he can do, even as simple as carrying down his dirty diaper from upstairs and throwing it away. I ask him to help whenever doors need to be closed, toilets flushed, items picked up (yeah, that doesn't really work yet) to make him feel like he has a place in the family other than as the helpless toddler. We're trying -honest! :)

So I'm going to have some quiet refocusing time as our Wild Thing continues to have some quiet time of his own. Then I'll go read some more books with him and play. I don't feel hopeless about the situation, just tired. But, as Crystal told me recently, God chose us to be his parents and we're the right ones for this wee little beastie -who I love with all my heart. Amen.


I AM JOE PESCI said...

I'm still going through all of that with Jonathan. I have to remove him from "society" at least 50 times a day it seems - sent to his room, nose in the corner. And his recidivism rate is just plain awful. But, really, even if he doesn't learn (and I hope hope hope he's learning), at least during his time outs he's not screaming, thrashing, punching, biting, throwing, or kicking. And for those few time out moments all is kinda quiet and I can regain some composure.

I sometimes feel like I'm only reporting on the cute good things in life. Do people think that's how life is for me all the time? I sure hope not, because honestly I'm usually a wreck most of the time and my blog really reflects the few and far between sane moments.

I read quite a few blogs and I always admire the ones that report it like it is, who bare their souls and their imperfections and their shortcomings and their insecurities. I want to be more like that, but then I think I'm not as eloquent as they are and people would get really bored reading my stuff.

Thanks for being honest!!

Kelly Cameron said...

Oh Roccy,
Thank YOU for sharing. Yes, I think we tend to report the rosy side of life much more often than the normal. It's healthy to create a balance, unless we set out specifically to appear always happy, chipper and perfect. Which we ain't.

I still don't think that means we ought to be downers, but to report the real and what we're learning -because it's helpful for us and others.

We'll both try to do that more, whaddya say?

I'm grateful for your "thankful" posts. And your hilarious reflections on life. You are eloquent, don't believe anything different.


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