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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

"A Coase!"

I have to share a funny story. Yesterday morning Wilder took a bath while I had some Mommy Pamper Time in our bathroom. It was so fun getting to do my nails, microderm, etc. while my little dude soaked and splashed in the detox bath soak that filled the room with the most incredibly relaxing aroma.

Wilder, as usual, asked for "tee-tee" -which, for those of you who do not speak Wildese, means toothbrush with toothpaste on it. I told him, "Please? Say, 'Toothpaste please.'" To which he replied, "Pehhhz. Pehhhhz." I giggled with glee and gave him my toothbrush with a tiny dab of toothpaste. This is a big deal -he's NEVER said please before. Ever. Handing it to him I said, "Thank you? Say, 'Thank you, Mommy!'" And he replied, "Tinks."
"Of course! Of COURSE!" I cooed in response. A first that he followed my lead in saying thank you! Then Wilder the parrot said, "A Coase! A Coase!"

He asked again for toothpaste, said his "pehhhz" and when I handed it back to him asking him to say "thank you" you replied, "A coase! A coase!"
Hm... so not quite down with which nice words go where, but HECK he said three new words in the course of 2 minutes. And they were NICE! I'm impressed.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Nice... I'll take nice any day. That's progress :)
By the way, YOU are looking so cute!
xoxo Mama


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