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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Saturday Morning

Chilly Saturday morning. Perfect for being lazy, pj-ed and covered in raspberry jam (at least for Wilder.) We later headed out to the annual Georgetown Christmas Stroll and have over 300 photos uploaded onto Flickr of the fun parade, neat local folks, booths, vendors and events of the day (well, from noon-3pm while we were there.) I'll post a few of my favorite shots next and include the link to the Flickr set.
Savannah begging for my scrambled eggs. "Down, girl. Sit! Okay, you can have my eggs."
Wilder's favorite nook (behind the fake Christmas tree is his runner up.)
Warm toes. I love SmartWool socks.
Wilder was telling me a story while I snapped pictures of him. He likes the camera.

Here are a few of the vendors from the Georgetown Christmas Stroll that I really enjoyed:

Baskets & More by Jackie Thomas
Georgetown, TX

Handmade Baby Things by Jessica Kirk

Barefoot Pottery
Denise Turner & Amy Warnock
Cedar Park, TX

MD Cards & Gifts

*Carianne Jewelry*
(LOVED her stuff! Custom handstamped silver jewelry)
Carianne Schulte
I would love to order a necklace or bracelet or ring from her and have Wilder and Waverley printed on it. I nearly cried when I was imagining the possibilities and looking at her beautiful work.

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Anonymous said...

Storytime ala Wilder,
.....and wait here comes the best part.... no really.
Wonder where he gets that?
:) :) :) :) Mama


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