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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pajama Playtime

We had a fun morning romp in the studio yesterday. Here are a few photos from our fabulous fun!
This is his working-real-hard face. He's about to do some major climbing.
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree!

More climbing.
Wilder loves throwing things into the tree -it's rather magical to him seeing them disappear, and it's very entertaining seeing Savannah go nuts trying to find her ball when he pitches it in the branches. Thank goodness for artificial trees. We aren't decorating it completely since it's getting so much "use." Still the 5 ornaments hanging high up and the cheesy tinsel garland do dress it up a bit.
Exploring the floor and snuggling with his #2 favorite, Blue Blanket. Ba, the blue puppy, is still his #1. I think Brian and I rank in the top 10, but not sure where. He has his priorities and since we're not soft and blue we're not quite on top. But that's okay, we snuggle him anyway -no matter how annoyed he gets.

Merry Christmas Eve, Everyone!
Sending our love!

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