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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Fun comes in multiples

This isn't on topic, but Waverley is SUCH a wiggle worm! It feels like she's doing flips -and for an 8 month baked baby doing major resituating that equals some major discomfort. But I don't mind. I think she's just fickle.

Now, on topic. Inspired by some Flickr friends and their montages I made a couple vignettes of my own.
Insta-mint hot chocolate. It's easy, the photos are really unnecessary, and it's delicious. Basically just add a peppermint wheel or candy cane to your hot chocolate and you've accomplished a higher degree of deliciousness. Shown in a Barbara Lavallee Alaskan mug. One of my favorite collections.
Wilder is a master stacker. It's his art form. From nesting cups, stacking blocks and now moving on to these lego-type pieces, Wilder loves to stack vertically and horizontally. He is meticulous about lining things up. For a little guy who reeks chaos, he has an amazingly orderly streak. Imagine the Muppets -Animal meets Dr. Honeydew. Weird.

Sending our love! Have a wonderful day!

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