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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Waiting for Waverley, or A Pregnant Pause

With the peace and comfort of the season steeping in my heart like a tea bag of holiday cheer, warm and soothing, I am embracing the quietness and also the reality of having a precious baby girl in my arms very soon. Feeling very pregnant and, more often than not, aware of her presence, I can't wait to hold her. 33 1/2 weeks down and maybe only 3 1/2 to go, according to my doctor. Yes, the doctor said Waverley may make her grand appearance as early as 37 weeks with the way things are going. I have another appointment this Thursday where we'll do another ultrasound. That may tell us more, but as you mothers know these babies come on their own time and this is where doctors and weathermen/women have great similarities in their ability to make predictions.

Tonight we had an idyllic moment as a family. Burning log in the fireplace, warm dinner in our bellies, "Polar Express" on and Wiley and I snuggling on the couch while he drank his cup of milk, us warm beneath the blanket in the glow of the fire. The sweet smell of his hair and the warmth of his little body cradled in my arms; Waverley bouncing around inside, already trying to nudge at her brother. I told Brian, "I hope this is what heaven is like. This is perfect."

Many moms have said that as they had more children they wondered if they had enough love or the same kind of overwhelming love for this new baby as they had for their existing children. I've wondered that, too, though I've wondered more if I had enough patience and sanity to handle another one -especially if she's of the same caliber as Wilder. But I do -enough love and the extra dose of patience will surely be there. Realizing this brought so much peace to my heart. It's no longer, "Oh yeah, and I'm pregnant," but "Okay, so when can I hold you?!" Entering the impatient and relatively uncomfortable stage of pregnancy.

I'm glad I have the holidays to help distract me now -and I'm glad that the holidays are about focusing on family and friendships. Those are wonderful distractions. I also anticipate doing a little sewing at the start of the year; I'm anxious to make a few blankets for my little girl.

Dear Waverley, I am overwhelmed with love for you. I am already so proud of the person you are, the person you will become. I cherish you, my precious girl. You already bring me so much joy.

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