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Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Art of Persistence

Persistence. The "never say die" attitude, the "I'm no quitter" mentality, the "Stick-to-it-tivity" of life. With persistence comes great satisfaction, though purchased with some discomfort and good, old fashioned guts. So what exactly am I blathering on about? Well, right now I am learning the patience in persistence and (fortunately) beginning to see the fruits of sticking to my goals.

It's hard to be persistent in our culture of instant gratification. I, for one, naturally give up when things get a bit too hard, or too confusing or a tad complicated. Too messy to keep going, better give up or switch courses. My husband has been a great help in being a model of persistence to me; I've learned a lot by his general life philosophy and seeing how he approaches everything with a steady pace and plenty of patience (those two things I lack -being passionate and impulsive I jump in and out of things like hot and cold tubs of water.)

I entered my new-found hobby of photography with great zest, goal oriented to brush up on my retouching and composition skills so I'd be ready for a "grown up"camera -SOON! Persistently working on photography daily, researching (which is SO unlike me), reading books from the library and articles online, doing tutorials, etc. I have already improved my skill within the past week -it's only been a week (amazing...)

If money were no object I would have headed to a big, techy store in a heart beat and bought a grand, fancy camera, taken it home and....immediately would have been disappointed. I wouldn't know the first thing to do with it (besides turn the power switch on, that is, if I could find it.) And, sadly, my new fancy camera would sit neglected for months, perhaps a good year or so, until I got the gumption and dedication to educate myself. Doing things much the reverse of how I generally operate has helped fan the flame of my photography interest (dare I say "passion!") AND give me a much needed head start before I get my little fingers on a nice piece of equipment.

Photography has just been one area of my life recently where I have been learning the joy (and hard work) of persistence. I have also reaped so much benefit from being dedicated to my quiet time with God each day and in pursuing deeper relationships with like-minded Christian women. In this month of reinvention and rediscovery of myself, I feel like I have grown up -an inch or two, at least. Rich blessings have abounded and deep satisfaction; my daily purpose is much more in focus and, sunrise to sunset I am a much happier woman.

Three cheers for persistence and all of us who are struggling, surviving, and conquering by staying our courses. Thank God for the strength and the reward that dedication to a goal, purpose or value brings!

"When you are at the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."
-Franklin D. Roosevelt

Post Script: I think we may be getting a Nikon D90. It's darn tootin' snazzy and will last me a decade, I'm sure, before I grow out of it -IF I grow out of it. We just went to a few stores to handle the cameras and do comparisions in person. I am JUST a little bit excited about having one of those magificent cameras and mastering the ropes, not just learning them. Hooray, hooray!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay for good cameras! I've been shopping for one for the past few months and am torn between the Canon Rebel and the Nikon D 40. What was it about the 90 that sold you?

You are doing a great job on these pictures!


Cherie said...

Correction: I meant the D60



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