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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Erica's Wedding Day

(Disclaimer: I didn't mess with these photos -there's straight out of my point-and-shoot.)
I had the ultimate pleasure of not only creating all the bridal and bridal party jewelry, but also getting to the majority of the ladies make-up on the big day. It was the most fun I've had in a long time -seriously. I'd love to learn more about make up and application. It made me want to go to Beauty School. Seriously.
Erica and I have been best friends since..., well, since the middle of 7th grade. We actually first met at a celebration party for now-Governor Sean Parnell when he was running for State House. That was just the beginning of a very beautiful friendship. As we traveled the rest of our school years together we talked endlessly about boys, God and our futures. We traveled together to Europe, bought ridiculous pants in Greece (I wish I still had mine), double dated for dances, and shared so many experiences, joys, griefs, and a great deal of our hearts. Erica is a wonderful and true friend. It was my absolute honor to get to be in and participate in her wedding.

Crystal, the Wonder Nurturer. Wilder wacked Aravis, hence the very sad face. Sorry, sweet one. Crystal, Erica and I had many, many fun shared memories, as well. We were all pretty much joined at the hip (that is when Crystal was free between hanging out with her boyfriends.) Erica and I were what you'd consider late bloomers when it came to guys. Oh, we liked them -but when you're smart, Christian girls (and it's well known around school) you get to enjoy guy friends more than boyfriends. But that was fine with us, we had each other and we had a BLAST.
Stephanie (Cumberlidge) Campbell getting all do'd up. Stephanie was a very integral part of our high school years and beyond. Through relationship with her we learned -and continue to learn- more about becoming women who love the Lord. It was wonderful getting to see Stephie after so long. Love you, Dear!
Best Friends and Babies.

Beth Colliander (sister,) Erica, Sarah Colliander (sister-in-law,) and Gwen Collinader.
Mother of the Groom, Mrs. Leman, Erica and her mother, Mrs. Colliander
Erica and Joseph with the wee ones.
Just the 20 of us...
The BEAUTIFUL Bride in a candid shot.
The girls
Crystal, Gwen Colliander and Elise.
Stephanie Campbell and me.

Sisters, sisters :)
Kindred Spirits: Stephanie, Erica and me.

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