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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Capturing Wilder

The past four days -has it only been four days?!- I have spent time each morning taking pictures of Wilder to brush up on my photography skills. Between having a leisurely breakfast and sipping my pot of tea (in a cup, of course) I catch Wilder in his morning playtime. Taking the opportunity to observe his morning pep and snap away while he enjoys himself, then laboring over the photos in Photoshop I have been able to study my son in a new way. I have noticed with greater intensity how absolutely adorable he is. And our time in the morning is so sweet. I flit between the computer, the camera and his side, often taking breaks to dance around the house with him in my arms to (currently) Billie Holiday and Etta James' greatest hits.
Not only am I getting some great shots that will be lifelong keepsakes, I am being more intentional in my mothering and getting to know my little man better. I'd say it's a win-win situation.
He asked for animal crackers (cah-cuh) and took them outside to his raisin box filled with water and his blue puppy.
He likes yelling at the neighbors. He heard them talking over the fence, enjoying their beautiful backyard and the cool morning sunshine and just had to strike up a (one way) conversation. Here he's rather emphatically telling them...something. Probably, "Hey! Come over to my house and play! I've got lots of animal crackers! You can even hold puppy!"

I am loving these days. How lucky am I to have this precious time with Wilder while we wait for our new addition, plus get some mad photo skills so I can bust out some ridiculous baby pictures in about 6 months. Pretty fine, pretty fine.

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Love it! Mama


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