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Friday, July 31, 2009


In an effort to turn this blog back to its original course, here's a funny family story.

Wilder recently got a David and Goliath board book. As he tends to do with many books, he has a favorite page -and only wants to look at THAT page when he brings it to you. With Sandra Boynton's "Oh my, oh my, oh Dinosaurs" it's the "Dinosaurs happy, dinosaurs sad" page. With "David and Goliath" it's the page where David slays the giant. Wilder points to the fallen Goliath and repeats over and over, "Uh-oh! Uh-oh!" Though it's frustrating that he doesn't want to look at the rest of the book, it's so funny how he fixates on one thing.

Popcorn. That's another thing he won't drop. Well, he drops it all over the house, but he's addicted to it. We keep the popcorn bowl over the fridge and he constantly presses against the appliance with his hands reached up as high as he can get them, begging for a refill on popcorn -at six in the morning. I'd happily oblige, but besides eating it, Wilder just loves to dump it out all over the floor -in every room. Ah, funny kid.

So there's a tib-bit from our kiddlet!

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