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Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today's major highlight was having my friend, Jen, over for lunch and tea. Jen's a make up artist and hair stylist who recently opened up her own salon in central Austin -and recently won a highly coveted spot as nominee for Hair Stylist of the Year at Austin's Fashion Week (the red carpet awards ceremony was this Monday.) Jen is a vivacious, highly positive, laid back, super creative and all-around lovely gal to be around. It was wonderful getting to visit!

We talked a lot about goals, what's most meaningful to us in life, creative endeavors, etc. It was inspiring to share stories of personal growth and aspirations, particularly as I have been focusing this month on the reinvention and rediscovery of myself. As I have pursued finding greater purpose in my daily life, God has been so faithful in revealing friends who are exploring similar areas. It has literally felt like God opened a door and let me walk into a world of color, whereas before it was black and white (think "Wizard of Oz.")

Seizing the time I have been given each day and making (most of it) count instead of frittering it away on pointless things, I have felt such a richness in daily life. I still have much practice to do on taking full advantage of my time, but these little steps towards a purposeful and passionate life have already taken me so far.

And (here I'll gush a bit more about photography) freezing time through my lens, holding on to those tiny things such as these beautiful little toes and hands, has helped me treasure my job as a mother even more right now. I am so thankful for this new obsession with photography because it has taught me so much already -not just about finding things through the camera, but about life in general as well. It seems that with these pictures I am able to save those small pieces of daily life that make me swoon, that give me the greatest joy and sense of purpose.

I hope you discover in a fresh, new way the joy that you can create and capture in your daily life. I know it's not easy to find refreshment, especially when your scrambling just to survive, but I pray that in the quietness of your heart you are able to take stock in what matters most to you and then embrace them with renewed vigor and passion. Try something new, search out an experience, get to know yourself better, surround yourself with good friends. It will be well worth it.

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