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Sunday, July 19, 2009

For Grandmama, On Your Birthday

"Hi Grandmama, it's Wilder. Happy Birthday! I had a few suggestions on how to celebrate -what I'd do if I were you. First off, wear whatever you want."

"Secondly, listen to some REALLY good music. I'm jiving to nursery rhymes here."

"Thirdly, watch a great movie. It's the perfect way to celebrate."

"And finally, take a nap. It's always a good idea. Love you, Grandmama and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wilder, Thank you for all the great celebration ideas. Let's see, I took the nap, dressed in one of my favorite outfits, sang beautiful worship songs at church and the movie --- I'm having trouble choosing one, but Cary Grant is on cable right now and Grandpa Mark is watching it. I think I'll join him! Thank you for all the birthday wishes and sending your love. I can hardly wait to see you and Mommy in August.
Love you, Grandmama


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