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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July

Nothing beats being with family for holiday celebrations. This Fourth of July we got to celebrate with Brian's family and had a grand old time.

We started the day off by meeting at the photographer's home who took family portraits in April and had the most stunning display of us on "the big screen" we had ever seen. Jennifer Sparks Harriman is truly gifted. Soon(ish) we should have a gallery on her website so family members and friends and see the pictures she took -and even purchase if you desire. It was an inspiring, deeply touching and simply gorgeous experience.
Then we headed over to Mima and Boppa's for our big family party.
Puppy takes a break in the dog crate.
"Ba!" Wilder's name for his puppy (and pretty much everything else.)
Betty hard at work, Joe preparing to be Master Griller and Barry -as well as the rest of us- reaping all the benefits!
Uncle Bear blowing bubbles for Wiley.

Taking a peak at cousin Joseph.
So sweet!
Our daredevil. He loved jumping into Daddy's arms in the pool -again, and again and again.

10 weeks pregnant! It's amazing how quickly that tummy pops out the second time around.

We ate him for dessert. He was too irrisitable!
Mommy Brooke and Sweet Baby Joseph. They are doing such a great job!

The guys held an informal meeting in the pool. Okay, not really, but it seemed that way from how they all gravitated there, talked politics and economics, and sipped beer.

Bear basking in the sun.

Wilder was entertained forever with an empty beer can, filling it with water and pouring back out in the pool. A new way to recycle!
The guys.

Mima cuddles her new little angel, Joseph IV.

His first 4th of July and he's all decked out to celebrate!
The grandbabies!

Betty made a beautiful and patriotic birthday cake for me AND gave me a fancy hat to wear! The party knows no bounds at Mima and Boppas!
Wilder loved the delicious candle Brooke gave me and I was showered with so much love and special gifts. It was wonderful being together for this special day -family, fun, and many memories. What a treasure.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Kelly...it was really a fun day. I adore our growing family. The children expand the love AND laughs...and oh, how I love being a grandma! My heart is filled to the brim.
P.S. So glad to have you and Wilder back. We really missed you...and when does Wiley start tranining for the Olympics? ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your sweet baby belly :)

What a wonderful funfilled family gathering. Everyone looks so good!
xo Mama

Anonymous said...

Your belly!!! You look too cute! Happy Birthday Hun! Love, Kirsten


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