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Friday, July 10, 2009

Off The Wagon?

Yesterday I made homemade pancakes for breakfast and last night we ate pizza. I'm still alive and didn't suffer, except from that old, normal over-eating feeling because, admit it, pizza and pancakes are delicious. Especially pizza. Pancakes tasted more like dessert than they ever have before and I found myself thinking it highly unnecessary to keep them as a breakfast food.

So am I wheat free? No, obviously not. But even with successful consumption of 2 wheat products, I will be trying to steer clear of wheat for the most part.

When you think about it, noodles and bread products are simply the "base" on which you slather the good stuff on top. Why not eliminate the base and just go for the good stuff? Also, wheat products are so EASY to consume -they require little prep and no thought, which can be very dangerous. I've craved toast with jam to have with my tea. When I thought about what I would actually be consuming -sugar, butter and a slice of bread (mainly empty or unhelpful calories)- I had to think again about my cravings. Is it worth the sugar crash, the bloated feeling, the guilt for over indulging? NOT that having a piece of toast and jam is something I should feel guilty about, I'm not that crazy.

I like the general eating style of being wheat free. I don't have an allergy, but I can tell the difference when I'm eating wheat free and when I'm not, and I enjoy not having it as a regular part of my diet.

I'll try to keep you posted on some of the fun things I've found to make that follow this eating style. The tastes have been amazing and I'm eating so much healthier than I have in ages -I feel great and I'm pretty darn happy!

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