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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sure-Fire Ways to Pep Up

As you can see from the previous post with my cheesy song and slightly sappy story, I was having a very blah morning. That is, until I took my frown and turned it upside down (I know, gag me with a spoon, I'm too much for even myself...) But seriously, we ALL get in those funks and I wanted to share a few ways that pulled me through.

First off, I had some quiet time. Wilder went down for his (supposed) nap -he was squawking in the background, playing in his crib- and I took advantage of a little "free" time to do what I knew would help me the most: go to God.

Ah! Refreshment! I felt cool, calm and collected -plus I had a little song to lift my spirits (which I shared below.) I got the unsleepy Wilder up and we danced around singing some goofy song -REALLY loud. That always does it for me. Singing loud is a cross between yelling and the true expression of the soul, so I find it thoroughly cathartic.

Then, this dude (who is sick, as am I -which doesn't help foul moods) picked his nose while I was snapping today's photos. Honestly, how can you not laugh at this? It's gross and cute at the same time.

And like my mom always says, "You can pick your nose, you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your friend's nose." A very true adage, though Wilder attempts to help me out now and again.

AND....reading. I am mere pages away from finishing a (relatively) interesting period murder mystery (set in 1881 in San Francisco.) I'm dying to complete it. Although Wilder has just had lunch, a clean diaper and has been back in his bed for his nap at least 20 minutes and is STILL babbling.... I am going to enjoy some lunch and finish my book -and keep being happier than I started out today.

Turn on some peppy, jazzy music that makes you want to dance, laugh with your kids (or dog, if you don't have the former,) have a little quiet time to get your heart in the right place, and sneak in a little something fun for yourself. My recipe for a much happier day.

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Brian said...

I call winner in the first round of "Where's Wilder?" He's in the mirror in the top right corner of the pic of you pretending to read. And how is it that you can manage to quietly read on the couch AND take a photo of yourself at the same time? Have you taught Savannah the magic of phodography?


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