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Friday, July 17, 2009

The Take Over

Wilder was playing so well, as usual, in the front room this morning. The front room is actually called The Donavan Covey Room because it was my intention that I would hold my charm classes in there. I grew up with a formal living room we called "The Pretty, Pretty Room." This was my Pretty, Pretty Room, but it was quickly taken over by Wilder and is always littered with toys. Such a funny combination of antique furniture, curio cabinet and secretary desk, fancy pictures and...loud toys. Wilder uses the end table which is next to a wing back chair and right up against the large window as his desk. He sits on the low window ledge pouring Cheerios from one little bowl into another on the table, or plays with his wooden puzzles. Eventually (when the kids are MUCH older) I may get to reclaim some space for my peaceful and pretty, pretty stuff, but for now I am very happy to have that room used -and loved.

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