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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Photographs and Photoshop

I just created a Flickr account (it's a website that hosts photos so you can share your recent snaps.) It's a wealth of information on photography with eye candy galore -these folks are SO talented. Click on the link to see a slideshow of these photos, plus sign up for a free account if you're interested!
My dear friend Katie let me pick her brain about photography yesterday. She is quite an amateur pro, in my opinion. She has great composition skill and knows a bit about cameras. She told me of a Flickr group that has the challenge of taking and posting a photo every day for others in the group to offer up constructive criticism. (I think I have that right, Katie?) It keeps you in practice, that's for sure. So, thus inspired, I am going to attempt to meet that challenge by snapping a few shots a day and working on my photography (and Photoshop) skills.
After viewing the family portrait photos with Brian's family at the incredible photographer's house, Brian and I began discussing the benefits of upgrading to a "real" camera (ie: not just a point-and-shoot with a lens the size of a thumbnail.) I began doing a tidbit of research and, after talking with Katie, chose to make the most of what we have, including Photoshop, while we save up for a nice but basic digital SLR.
I melt.

Clapping for himself, as usual. What a ham. And a cute ham, at that.

So, I'm off on another creative endeavor! Gosh, life is fun!

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Roccy said...

Your pictures are great! You should take a photography class - I've heard great things about even the most basic photo classes. And, for most of them, you don't need an SLR. A few friends took classes - and I was stunned at their fantastic point-and-shoot pictures. Although, by the looks of it, you could probably teach the class.


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